Studio Classes

Weekly studio classes are offered primarily at Above The Barre X and Detroit Yoga Lab. Below are images of where each studio is located.


Above The Barre X

Grosse Pointe


Detroit Yoga Lab



Detroit Yoga + Cycle Lab

Grosse Pointe


Corporate Yoga

Are you interested in offering yoga at your workplace? Yoga is a personal investment into the health and wellbeing of your employees. With lessened stress and anxiety, happy and healthy employees are more productive and will less likely take time away because of sickness. Yoga is also injury preventative which can help supplement many hours laboring at a desk. The holistic benefits of yoga serve as a practical tool of empowerment, mental/emotional and physical health and fitness.  Most corporate clients offer yoga either prior to their usual start time or at the time of their lunch break.  If this is something that you would like to offer to your employees,

please click the Corporate tab below.