Product Review for Brads Raw Foods


G'morning ya'll! I was lucky enough to be selected to particicpate in a product review for Brads Raw Foods. If you guys aren't familiar with them and you are into healthy eating/snacking (they even have goodies for your pets!), I definitely recommend you check them out

All of Brads kale chips are raw, vegan and gluten-free so naturally, I was curious. I sampled two different flavors: Natural Nacho & Pina-Kale-Ada.

Although I am not 100% vegan anymore, I do try to stay away from dairy, so inevitably I had to try out these Natural Nacho flavored ones. How do I even begin... WOW. Amazing! They satisfied my cheesy chip craving without all the extra added fats, oils, salt, etc. How awesome. I would definitely recommend them to someone who is trying to change their snacking habits. Did I mention they're raw? Check out their site for a list of benefits on eating raw.

The second flavor I tried, Pina-Kale-Ada - I'm not going to lie - I was a little skeptical. I would never think of combining the flavors of coconuts and pineapples with kale chips but nonetheless I tried them. I instantly had flashbacks of relaxing on a pristine beach on the Pacific Ocean, drinking straight out of coconuts. I didn't expect that. I relished in these indubitably. I would definitely recommend these as a healthful snack in the summertime or to bring you back to summer's warm air in the blight of winter.

So there you have it guys! If you're into kale chips or have always been curious, Brads Raw Foods are 100%, wholeheartedly SB approved.

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With Gratitude, sb