new year, new you.


I won't lie to you guys - I'm not sure how I feel about creating New Year's resolutions only because I believe everyday should comprise of bettering ourselves in someway. And I am willing to bet, for most, we start the year off with such tenacity and passion only to witness that flame diminish. At the end of every day, the little things that we do to implement shift or change, adds up in an impactful way.  Which brings me to my first resolution:

1. Journal Every Night

Journaling is a powerful way to check in with ourselves and make sure we continue to kindle that fire throughout the year. Journaling also offers us a way to reflect on what we've done, how we would have handled a situation differently as well as manifest our deepest desires.

2. Think Big Picture

On par with manifestation, our moment to moment actions affect the larger outcome.  For me, my schedule some weeks can be so full, so hectic, that I often waste money on food running to and fro, or skip workouts because of incongruent planning, etc. I want to think about the big picture in the present moment and save money while doing it. I want to make strides this year with my business which means I have to delegate time and schedule things accordingly.  I don't want to live to regimentally, but I also want to be working towards my goals and bringing you all more content. *hint hint*

3. Cook with Intention

These resolutions just keep weaving into the next. ;) Cooking can be a powerfully healing experience or the exact opposite. Energy is in everything and the emotional state we are in plays an important role when it comes to food. Food will be digested and assimilated differently if the maker was vibrating at a lower frequency. What do I mean by that? If you/they are angry, depressed, upset, frustrated... you get the picture. As opposed to the food that was prepared with love and intention. What is it that you are consuming? This year, I plan to prepare more of my meals in a healthy headspace.

4. Attract Partnerships Organically 

This is on par with my business again, but in efforts to bring you all more high, quality content, I aim to create partnerships that I wholly align with. Creating content is a form of artful expression for me. Being able to dedicate more time towards it while still paying the bills is a big dream of mine. 

5. Take a Roadtrip + VLOG it

This is a 2 for 1. I've been daydreaming of an epic road trip, with Tim and Mukti & friends for awhile now. I would love to travel to YOU and host weekend yoga & spirituality workshops whilst overcoming my fear of leaping into the world of Youtube. I would love to meet more of you in person! I've created some of my deepest friendships from Instagram. Also, I would love to bring you content, whether that be online yoga classes, cooking tutorials, etc to those who may not be able to meet in person. 

What are your resolutions?!




photos by: @iamevandavis

photos by: @iamevandavis