M A N A K A I swimwear

I first stumbled upon Manakai Swimwear in Costa Rica.  I had traveled to Dominical in pursuit of obtaining a secondary 200RYT certification from Sofiah Thom & Ashleigh Sergeant at Bamboo Yoga Play.  I was captivated by their modality Danyasa which beautifully weaved together healing dance movements with vinyasa yoga.  Within the boutique, is where I discovered Manakai. 

The intricate designs had me. We'll call it, *love at first sight* ;) But seriously, who doesn't love the fact that these are reversible?!  So essentially, you're receiving two for the price of one! Also, they hold you in as you jump, swim, play and do all the bendy things in them. However, allow me to debrief y'all on WHY this company stands out.  

I'm a firm believer that there's always more work to be done.  And while my family and I are not perfect, we do our best to fuel our bodies with nutritious food, exercise daily/rest when needed, as well as maintain practices that support this planet. The majority of our clothing is either hand-made or herbal dyed, made out of recycled materials or is thrifted. We do our best to only support companies we fully believe in.  Manakai is one of them.  

So much excessive and unnecessary waste comes from the fashion industry.  It is one of the top pollutants on this planet. All virgin stretch material used in fashion is made up mostly of fossil materials (oil based products). Being that I'm a full time yoga teacher, I find myself clad in stretchy, athletic wear most days - so this is a BIG deal to me. Nearly 70 million barrels of crude oil are extracted each year to produce stretch fabric. There are oil spills daily which effect the water and those whom inhabit our them. Manakai's swimwear is made with repurposed nylon, which is created from reclaimed waste. This means that the materials are collected and repurposed from the oceans which eliminates material from ending up in a landfill. Producing repurposed nylon reduces crude oil extraction, distribution and consumption, reduces CO emissions 58%, reduces water consumption and requires about ⅔ less energy to make. 

Manakai was generous in offering my followers 22% off their purchase upon using the coupon code 'sitarabird'.  If you do purchase, Manakai and I would love to see your swimmies on you social so make sure to tag us @sitarabird + @manakaiswimwear.

Click here to shop Manakai or here to read up more on their eco practices.

This information was all new to me when I stumbled upon Manakai.  And now that I know, I can't un-know. And I hope it inspires you to make more conscious choices when shopping for new swimwear or any clothing for that matter.  If you have any eco-conscious brands that you love, please share in the comments below.  Knowledge is the greatest form of wealth!  Lets all help one another.  

With Gratitude,