fré skin care

This past year my skin went through some drastic changes, hence my dramatic drop of selfies. 😂 but for real though, I am not sure if it’s my age, the ever changing climate I’m stepping into, diet or a combination of several things. As a full time yoga teacher, I spend most of my time in a hot, humid environment. I’m often in such a rush, hustling from one studio to the next, I don’t have the time to set up a lavish, however-many-step #skincare routine. And let me be frank, I tried that and my face blew up. It was so angry and inflamed that I pretty much isolated myself to only using one cleanser that I knew wouldn’t agitate it. Ya feel me? 🔥 I recognize my oily skin stems from dehydration and Michigan winters can be frigid. ❄️ Insert face of terror because I’ve tried facial oils, moisturizers and so much more only to witness my skin break out again. 😰 Here comes the good news. 🌟 I have finally found a company that understands my #sweaty needs and after trying it out over the past month, I am so excited to announce it works! My skin has never felt happier! 😊 No more inflammation or dermatitis or dry patchy spots. I only share products with y’all that I love and adore and if you’re going through something similar, this may help you! I have fallen in love w/ @freskincare - 100% #crueltyfree & #vegan that is formulated for LADIES WHO SWEAT 💦 #finally 🙏🏽 I am so grateful to be an ambassador and offer my community 25% off your first @freskincareset by using the code “SITARA”.  This set will last you AT LEAST 3 months. Please let me how you like it! 🤗  #loveyoursweat #freskincare You all can check them out here. <3